Dynamics 365 Business Central

Beyond QuickBooks

Development costs for a financial platform and ERP solution are often high due to limited talent availability. Discover how Dynamics 365 Business Central and Dynamic Consultants Group’s team of financial and ERP experts are turning the industry on it’s head by lowering the overall development costs of ERP implementations and upgrades.

Dynamics 365 for Marketing

Transform Your Marketing Strategy

Find and nurture more sales-ready leads by moving beyond basic email marketing. Today’s companies want to be part of their customers lives, that’s where they can thrive. Learn how Microsoft’s cutting-edge new Marketing solution can make this a reality for your organization. We handle new implementations, migrations, rescues, assessments, support, and more!

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2017 CRM Market Leader - Business Performance Known Around The World

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Is An Affordable, Easy-To-Use Business Management Platform Designed Specifically For Growing Small To Enterprise Businesses.

Dynamics 365 Implementation

Dynamic Consultants Group's experienced team of experts will guide your team through the implementation of a complex Dynamics 365 solution. Contact us today and start successfully!

Dynamics 365 Consulting

Our solution architects, business analysts, and consultants can provide your business with the guidance you need to make your CRM successful. Chat with us today!

Dynamics 365 Support

Whether you have an existing account or you're new to Dynamics, our team of dedicated professionals can solve any issue that you may be having. Give us a call, and get started today!

Business Intelligence Consulting

Our Business Intelligence consultants provide complete services that are important in understanding the critical business metrics and analytics. Helping eliminate wasted company time, money and effort. Allowing business leaders to make more informed business decisions.

Data Migration Consulting

Dynamic Consultants Group data migration, integration, ETL, and ESB experts have extensive experience in planning, development, implementation, and performance tuning strategies. Allowing for comprehensive and effective data warehousing and data migration solutions. Make your next migration simple, call us for expert help!

Office 365 & SharePoint Consulting & Implementation

Microsoft is the leader in business communications and office collaboration. We help businesses implement the tools in the Microsoft 365 stack. SharePoint, Teams, and Office 365. Contact us to add these tools to your business.

White Label Consulting

Partners and firms without a Dynamics 365 practice benefit by partnering with Dynamic Consultants Group. By adding additional products to your portfolio, you can benefit from increased revenue, reduced costs, better customer loyalty, and more. Learn how we can improve your product offerings today.

What is White Label Consulting?

White Label consulting is the practice of having an outside consulting firm such as Dynamic Consultants Group step in and consult on your behalf when you don't have consultants in a particular vertical or platform. Dynamic Consultants Group is different, at our single blended rate to you, you get our entire white label team of consultants, so if you need a Sr. Solutions Architect, a business analyst, functional consultant, project mangers, and developer you have them on demand.

Why White Label?

As a Microsoft Partner or company, you have so many day-to-day operations that some requests just cannot be completed in a timely manner. When a client asks for new services, products, or specialized configurations. It can be tough, especially when you don’t have time, the staff, or the knowledge. Your company should always focus on what you do best. By having a team of white label consultants you can keep your customers happy and engaged by never turning them away to another partner.


About Dynamic Consultants Group


Dynamic Consultants Group is a global leader in consulting, with clients spanning North America and around the Globe. Our offices in Kansas City, Missouri, and Chico, California, enable us to reach clients anywhere at  anytime. Whether large or small, we are able to help any company reach their goals and help build lasting client relationships.

So how do we do it? With a skilled team of senior developers, engineers, architects, project managers, and functional consultants, we can scale to the needs of any project, for any client. Offering a fixed hourly rate gives you the flexibility to make the profit you desire, all while providing the services you want and need. Never lose a deal again due to the lack of resources.  Let Dynamic Consultants Group be your partner in business!

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Don't settle when picking a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Partner

Dynamic Consultants Group works with your business’s specific needs, from assisting in selection of licensing, all the way to implementation and launch. The perfect platform exists: Dynamic Consultants Group Microsoft Dynamics 365 solutions work with your business and its specific needs, using a CRM is now effortless.  

Moreover, Dynamic Consultants Group doesn’t walk away when your solution is in place! Our Dynamics 365 support plans, helps your business and its users, so your solution is always up to date and running smoothly.

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Dynamics 365 - GDPR Compliance Assistance Add-On


General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is now live, and a lot of businesses are still non-complaint. Save thousands of dollars of GDPR fines and sanctions with GDPRoactive. Our tool helps you manage your data within Dynamics 365. Your customers are aware of their right to be forgotten, how are your keeping that data up-to-date in Dynamics? Whether that’s deleting, redacting or scrubbing that data, our tool takes these manual process and automates it with advanced algorithms and data processing rules.

Non-Profit Solution for Church Management built on Dynamics 365

Royal Innovation

What is more frustrating as a church administrator, member, volunteer, or donor than the lack of modern tools, poor reporting, mobility or scale-ability? Royal Innovation takes the pain of managing events, donations, federal reporting, volunteer management and makes it simple. Built on the full stack of Microsoft Dynamics 365 you will have peace of mind with a  99.5% up time.  With non-profit pricing we make it simple, for churches with 10 members or 10,000. Try it today, and begin increasing donations and member interactions.