GDPRoactive Could Relieve Your GDPR Data Worries

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As most companies already know and have experienced, the General Protection Regulation (GDPR) has replaced the Data Protection Directive as the primary law. With this change, GDPR will now regulate how companies protect European Union (EU) citizens’ personal data. New rules will now be enforced on companies and organizations that gather and evaluate data tied to EU. Businesses must now ask for clear permission from the subject before processing any personal data.

GDPR categorizes personal data as any information related to a natural person that can used to directly or indirectly identify that person. This can be your name, photo, address, medical history, social media or computer IP address. GDPR establishes that all companies must comply with specific rights regarding their data subjects, if collecting personal data on EU citizens. The biggest impact of GDPR regulation will be how companies will handle this data.

Many companies need assistance in discovering, managing and protecting data in their system, and compiling the necessary reports and documentation to meet GDPR requirements. The four steps to making sure your company is compliant are: discover, manage, protect and report. GDPR compliance is an on-going process and shared responsibility, but information protection solutions, like GDPRoactive, gives you a more efficient way to handle compliance to meet these requirements. 

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What is GDPRoactive?

GDPRoactive is an add-in for Microsoft Dynamics 365 built to allow you to make managing data that falls within the scope of GDPR to the next level. It will enable you to secure and protect your company’s data ownership. Your company will be able to manage the data through an EU records check, build a data and security dictionary, delete or redact non-compliant data and assist in audit clean up. These features lower the stress of GDPR compliance while making the process an organized and straightforward task. 

Take Action

The actionable insights in GDPRoactive and Microsoft Compliance Manager will help to improve your organization’s data protection capabilities. Be able to indentify EU data in the features offered on the application through specific queries.

Reduce Costs

Using GDPRoactive data tools you can reduce the costs associated with staffing, data management, risk assessments and consulting for support of your GDPR processes. Our application will assist with predefined EU records searches and purging non-compliant data from Dynamics 365.

Compliance Simplified

Use GDPRoactive and Microsoft Compliance Manager to reduce your costs for data protection and to get rich insights into your responsibility for meeting EU standards. Audit Log Clean Up allows your team to remove relevant historical audit data from Dynamics 365.

Privacy and GDPR

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is about an individual’s right to be forgotten. Our tools can help you detect, classify and redact this sensitive information. Provides export capabilities across objects by giving you an easy to use spreadsheet for building your data requirement dictionary while helping you maintain data usage and justification.

Microsoft 365 Compliance Manager

Integrated access to the Microsoft 365 Compliance Manager. Use the actionable insights in Compliance Manager to improve your organization’s data protection capabilities and overall compliance control management, integrated task assignment, evidence collection and audit-ready reporting tools to streamline your compliance workflow.

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Implementing GDPRoactive

GDPRoactive® integrates directly into Microsoft Dynamics 365. Installation is simple and takes only minutes no mess, no consulting, no programming or custom development. By allowing you to see in real-time risk assessments and data that is coming due for GDPR, we’ve revolutionized how companies think about GDPR. We’ve taken the guess work out of staying on top of their data and their customer’s data!

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No matter where you are in your GDPR efforts, the Microsoft Cloud and our intelligent compliance solutions in GDPRoactive can help you on your journey to GDPR compliance.

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