Product Overview

We work with Microsoft products to better assist clients on their needs to help their business 

grow. Through an innovative approach and as leading consultants in technology we will provide our the best 

service and collaboration needed to achieve a solution that works best for your business.  We want your business 

to have continued success through the process of implementation, development, and support by providing better

time and cost management using the product(s) that work best for your growth.

Product for Dynamics 365

Dynamics 365

Dynamics 365 is a full stack, comprehensive and fully customizable CRM & ERP tool that can change your perception on how business can be done. Track records like contacts, accounts, leads, opportunities and everything in between. Integration is a key part of Dynamics. Products Like Tableau, PowerBI, Linkedin and other digital services can be integrated seamlessly.

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SAP Business One

SAP Business One manages financials, accounting, inventory and customer relationship management (CRM). Integrating data into a centralized location, gives you access to critical real-time information to make fast, and informed decisions. Reach new customers, drive profitable growth, and increase efficiency with 

SAP Business One.

Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 is the best way to integrate a full business collaboration platform that spans your business needs. With programs from Word to SharePoint and services like Teams and Skype all the collaboration your  team needs in one single platform, Microsoft Office 365.

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SharePoint is the leading industry standard for company intranet. Allowing you to manage content, information and documents that will help your organization collaborate with ease. Store your contracts, reports and all documents in an online environment that connects with Dynamics 365 and Office 365.

Power BI

See your data better than ever before. Microsoft Power BI is the ultimate way to create data visualizations, dashboards and provides business intelligence to any dataset you want to display. 

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GDPR is now the leading privacy standard in the EU. With regulations and data monitoring for businesses that have international customers, having the ability to manage data that falls under GDPR law, is vital. Our latest product offering GDPRoactive, allows you to monitor and keep within the guidelines of the GDPR laws. Our tool allows your to quickly delete, redact, and mask data within Dynamics 365.

Royal Innovation

Royal Innovation is a comprehensive church management software suite that encompasses member management, financial tracking, donor management and outreach. An easy-to-use mobile app and innovative subscription model enable quick user adoption among your members.

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